Study tracks

◆ Special classes in the teachings of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu ztz”l.

◆ Private tutoring by the yeshiva rabbis

◆ Three study sessions per day

◆ Classes in Emuna, Gemara, Ethics and Halacha

◆ Shabbat programs with a special atmosphere and many spiritually

uplifting moments…

Yeshiva studies:

Hesder yeshiva with academic degree program

The various academic programs are held at Herzog College and are in keeping with the requirements of the Council for Higher Education. The courses are on a high level.

We hope that our graduates will complete our program with the knowledge and ability to take responsibility for themselves and their families and to contribute to society, the Jewish People and the betterment of the world.


College study tracks:

◆ Computer science

◆ New media communication

◆ Geography

◆ History

◆ Biology

◆ Mathematics

◆ English

◆ Land of Israel studies – with optional field trip guide and social studies specialization courses

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