IDF service

In light of the need to combine our commitment to learning Torah and spiritual development and the obligation to serve in the IDF and integrate into ii society, the yeshiva students volunteer for hesder enlistment. In the summer of their first year of yeshiva studies they undergo basic training and serve their first tour of duty in the spring of their second year of studies. They serve in various IDF units, alongside hesder soldiers from other yeshivas. Each student is directed toward meaningful IDF service that is compatible with his skills and talents. When students with leadership potential who go on to become commanders and officers return to the yeshiva, their study schedule is tailored to mesh with their military duties. The yeshiva staff visits the soldiers in the field and the students visit the yeshiva for Shabbatot and sometimes even during the week. The students serve a 16-month stint in the IDF, ending shortly before Rosh Hashanah, when they return to the yeshiva to begin the final two years of Beit Midrash and academic studies.

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